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  1. Yes, @WardrobeExpert you are right! Everything depends on the way you style it, plus there are all kind of designs. I recommend to start from solid color versions that are ideal for sporting with sneakers, heels and sandals, as well as for all kinds of events. Once you know how to wear it in solid color, then you can try printed versions and the ones with sultry cut-outs. By the way, I've got interesting Polyvore sets for you. Hope you gonna like them as much as I do!
  2. I see @WardrobeExpert has showed you plenty looks you can create with bodysuit and jeans! I must admit: they are awesome! I just wanted to add one thing, I do like to see ladies wearing bodysuits with jeans, while their skin one the sides peaks out. This does looks sexy and casual. Love it!
  3. The good news are printed trousers are still in this and next 2017! So, you can buy whatever printed trousers you like. Of course, I recommend not going overboard when styling your bottoms with tops. Keep things sleek and simple. If you want to create a summery look, better pair prints with bright tank top and cool flat sandals. When it's chilly, just add a relaxed fit cardigan on, as well as heels. If you are more into edgy style, let your shoes be boots, especially combat boots are ideal! Leopard pants? If so, then you better style them with something neutral and solid color- a peasant white top or green blouse will do the thing! Skinny high waisted geometric pants gonna look awesome with a boy crop to, all you need is to add a statement necklace. If you want to create a more structured look, then you better add a fitted blazer on and sexy heels. I love to see ladies who wear chambray shirts with printed trousers. Legging like printed pants look gorgeous with oversized sweaters. Anyway, it's up to you how you want to wear them, just keep your look balanced.
  4. I am so glad you ask this question! I am a big fan of peasant tops and luckily for you and me, they are still in this and next year! So, you can buy it for sure! When I hear peasant tops, I automatically start to think of 70's fashion and all that boho. Yes, when you wear peasant tops, you look more like a bohemian girl. But, you are totally free to experiment with this top however you like. There are so many interesting flowy peasant tops you can try! But the white one is a classic choice and a good starting, as colored versions are bit difficult to match with classic wardrobe piece. White peasant top will ideally suit denim shorts, midi skirt or a pair of flare jeans. This top is a must-have for this year!
  5. If you are a fan of tunics, then you know it's one of the most versatile pieces in woman's wardrobe, as you can wear it with absolutely anything, especially during warm months. Fashion shops offer us a great variety of tunics in different lengths, cuts, shapes, colors and prints. You can easily match tunic with almost any kind of shorts, starting from printed ones, denim cut-offs, all kinds of jean shorts, to mini length shorts, Bermudas and knee-length designs. Sure, you better let other see those shorts beneath your tunic. I love to see women who have beautiful legs wearing tunics with shorts, the look is awesome. One thing, if you are going to wear long tunic with bermudas, better choose wedge shoes. Trust me, looking good in a tunic is just a game of proportions.
  6. Yes, I do wear bras, all I need is to just make sure my bra has pretty straps, I mean not those kinda big fat ugly ones! Ha-ha! Even contrasting color bra can look really nice. You are free to wear any bra you want with pretty straps, contrasting color or matching ones, it's no matter, have fun with it! Just one thing: no white or pink ones for a formal office look!
  7. The best and easiest way to cover your arms in a sleeveless dress is to add a jacket. It can be either a fitted blazer, cropped suit jacket, leather jacket, short fur coat or any other topper, everything depends on what kind of occasion it is. Trust me, one of these toppers will instantly turn a sleeveless dress into a classy outfit. If you want to look sweet and a bit casual, then you are free to add a cardigan in a fine gauge knit. Next thing is a mesh tunic. This is a perfect choice for women who want to hide their arms during really hot weather.
  8. Yes, I do understand your problem @Fashionito! Anyway, I would go for a nude bra. Choose bra color that ideally matches your skirt. Nude bras look the best. Sure, you can go for a white bra, it's also a good option, but I am pretty sure, everyone's gonna see what is under your shirt. Next thing you can choose is a strapless bandeau- they are ideal savers. I hear lots of ladies wear pale pink bras, that are also good alternative to nude bras.
  9. Maxi skirts are extremely comfortable and I think this bottom piece ideally suits all women, regardless of their body shapes, height and age. Did I say how versatile these skirts are? You are free to try any blouse you want!!! You can be as much creative as you want! Just make the balance through colors and you gonna shine like a real star or celebrity! You can choose dressed up tops, as well as funky ones and playful.
  10. Skater skirt can be tricky to style. But all you need is to pair it with right clothes. Answering to your question, yes, you can wear skater skirt with Converse, just add some casual top or knitwear, so you look sporty and off-duty. Sure, you can mix up things by wearing a lace top with skater skirt and Converse trainers, but it's up to you.
  11. Skinnies are everywhere! No matter if it's summer, spring, fall or winter outside, we still wear skinny jeans! This is an essential part of our wardrobes. No matter if you like boyfriends, slouchy jeans, flares or straight jeans, you will still have at least one or two pairs of skinnies in your closet. This is a classic chic bottoms. They do look great with classic shirts/blouses/T-shirts that are colored in neutral hues. Go for chunky turtlenecks in Winter time, all kinds of pullovers look great as well.
  12. Getting dressed for night-outs can be either too simple or complicated. Answering to your question, a pair of jeans can be worn with some pumps and fanciest shirt you can find in your wardrobe. It can be either open-back sexy shirt or off-shoulder blouse. I recommend the following looks: silk camisole plus fitted blazer and skinny jeans completed with mid heels; halter neck tank with beaded open back detail plus black skinnies and stiletto pumps; Shell top with strappy back in black color tucked in your favorite denim pants; Mesh cami in black tucked in skinny blue jeans and completed with nude pumps; Peplum halter-neck top in blush color paired with classic blue skinny or slim-fit jeans; Ruffled one shoulder top in white teamed with white skinny jeans; A-line halter top in black color paired with white slim jeans; Open-back peplum halter top in light red is definitely a good choice for teaming with slim denim pants.
  13. Yep, summer dresses will ideally suit first months of fall by simply adding lovely blouses underneath. Yes, simple layering can do this thing easily. By the way, soon this trick will be seen everywhere and all over the streets in Milan and Paris. The blouse under dress trick is simple and cute. Personally, I find here Parisian chic feel that makes you wanna copy it! For instance, try on a silk blouse by layering it over leather deep V-neck dress, or choose velvet dress atop printed bell sleeve blouse. Of course, you can choose a sleeveless long dress by layering it over long-sleeve blouse with no collar, so the dress does the talking! A striped black-white blouse under pastel dress is a must-have! All you need is to add a brimmed hat and sunnies. You can also keep things classy and chic, by teaming a white blouse under strapless fit-and-flare cocktail frock.
  14. Dresses with deep v-necks look really sexy and sophisticated. But, the deep neckline can be quite difficult to handle with, as every necklace will only draw attention to your chest area. Personally, I always try to stay away from all kinds of necklaces, instead I wear beautiful earrings and statement cuffs in bold designs. Try a cocktail ring or embellished clutch.
  15. There is no limit to the color of shoes to wear with an emerald green dress. Of course, traditional colors are of course brown, black and nude, as well as purple and navy, but you definitely can experiment! Before going further, I wanted to point one very important thing: THE STYLE OF YOUR DRESS. Believe me, there are big differences between flirty, cocktail party dresses and formal gowns and Gothic looking frocks. Only after the style of dress goes color of shoes. It's important to know which dress you are about to wear, by considering all kinds of embellishments and cuts. Anyway, if you are confused to tell us what is the style of your dress, then you can sure buy dark green shoes, they are best option, no matter what is the type of your dress. For dark green dress I would definitely choose footwear in apricot tan, saddle tan, or copper, gold, red, or russet color. The most universal shoe colors that go with every dress color are cream or nude colors. Don't be afraid of going neutral. By the way, I've got some nice Polyvore sets for you:
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