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  1. I recommend to try dark color shirts like black, brown, dark blue, dark green, etc. Light colors suit as well . Pink, white, cream, beige, pastels.
  2. Tshirt dresses can be worn with casual footwear and layers, as well as with office style blazers and pumps.
  3. Try on denim dress with flat sandals, lightweight sneakers, loafers, flip flops or thong sandals. If weather is chilly i recommend to use layers like cardigans, blazers or leather jackets.
  4. Everything that features heels. If boots are flat better avoid them
  5. Depends on what color both prints come. If one is neutral and other one is bright, then it's okay if both are neutral its okay. If both are bright, better skip it.
  6. Clear jellies look awesome with bright and neutral color or printed socks in low or knee over knee length. You can try them with tights, or wear them on bare feet.
  7. Grey dress and red shoes is definitely a good choice. I recommend to wear yellow pumps, or purple heels and you can also try turquoise, blue or pink.
  8. First you have to choose jeans. I prefer skinnies or slim ones, but you can go for regular ones or flares. Pair them with neutral classic hue blouses, peplum tops or button downs. Layer with cardigans or blazers
  9. If its neutral color, try it with office looks like fitted separates, or atop pencil dresses. If its bright pair with smart casual basics or crop tops
  10. I won't describe necklaces and dress necks, but I think the most important thing is to not overweight your black dress, that's why stick to minimum of jewellery and let it look elegant. Oh and stay away from neon accessories , they look cheap
  11. Cropped cardigans are still in style. I personally wear black and cream ones at work. This is a nice layer for completing your look or for cold wearher days.
  12. I suggest you to pair it with classic blue skinnies, black pants or skirts, over denim dresses, or with office style looks
  13. You can make French knot, knotted necklace, create a necklace tie loop, make a wrap, classic loop, classic pull through. Hope these ideas help you
  14. I do love the off-the-shoulder trend, that's why I am here to ask you something about it. I want to know how to wear an off-shoulder dress and look great in it. I do know it can show an appropriate amount of skin and it does flatters every lady, but I really not sure how to wear it so everything stays in its place. Please help!
  15. I was inspired by Kim Kardashian lately and I love the way she's wearing bodysuits. I was wondering if you can tell me some inspiring ways how to wear a bodysuit with jeans? I would love to see images and possible styling tips. Thanks
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