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  1. An off-shoulder dress is something timeless and retro inspired. Its been in fashion for a very long time already and they certainly have a very special charm and appeal that makes its wearer look unique and damn hot. Speaking of hotness, it does looks sexy and original.Another great thing about off-shoulder dresses is the fit that sutis all body types, no matter if you are skinny, fat or mid sized with curves. This frock will draw the eyes to your cleavage and not to the wideness of your shoulders. You can make it look attractive or classy. You are free to wear it to formal events, as well as to casual and everyday appointments. Plus you can accessorize it whatever you like, I mean, all kind of jewelry will suit you just right! As I have already told, it is ideal choice for casual events, so you don't feel misplaced. It suits parties, dinners and casual meetings. I love it for its gorgeous look that can be styled with sandals, pumps, espadrilles, all kinds of other flat, heeled and wedge footwear. Of course, everything depends on its style, as there are special designs that suit only casual events, the ones that are made of denim for example. All in all, you are free to style it whatever you like.
  2. I am a big fan of bodysuits! You can go for so many looks with jeans. First of all you need to choose a type of bodysuit and its color. There are stunning styles in nude, black, white, purple, yellow ones, etc. Also, you have to choose details: lace-up ones, lace, with cut-outs details, deep necks, long-sleeves. etc. It's officially, we see a cool rebirth of bodysuits! Bodysuit can be both sexy and conservative. that's why you can wear it with ripped boyfriends, as well as with skinny jeans and cuffed slim fits. You are free to create casual and formal looks, you can find so many ways to make it work for regular lifestyle. One word to consider before creating an outfit with a bodysuit: BALANCE! Once you know how to do it, you can go almost anywhere you want! Here are some polyvore sets for you:
  3. I have noticed many celebs and fashionistas are wearing printed pants this year. Not to mention Rihanna, Olivia Palermo, Cara, Duma, etc. They all love wearing printed bottoms. There are tons of cool patterned trousers you can try this year, starting from skinny to wide-leg styles in floral, geometric and abstract prints. Floral skinnies can be worn with basic crop tops and floppy hats, or crochet vests to get a more boho feel. I love to see balanced silhouettes, the ones with slim tops and wide pants or vice versa. Printed pants can be worn with classic white blouses and shirts as well as covered with edgy leather jackets. You can follow the same color that is seen in your pants by wearing coordinating top and jacket. But I do like seeing monochrome looks with some pop of color. And yes, you are totally free to play with textures and patterns. As you wanted some inspo, I've got cool polyvore images to share with you:
  4. It's the same as any other top, it's just a billowing one and more dressy and boho. You can wear it with pretty much everything. No matter if it's white colored or printed, it's a very easy piece to style and combine will all kinds of bottoms and dresses. It can be long or short sleeved, ruffled, embroidered, loose, a bit fitted, breezy, cropped or tunic length. I've got inspirational polyvore sets for you to get inspired by:
  5. You cna wear absolutely anything under your tunic. I recommend to pick the lightweight and flowing shorts underneath. Choose only those shorts that are clearly visible under tunic hemline. Sandals and heels are ideal for wearing with such combo. Complete this look by adding delicate jewelry and accessories, like shawl, casual bag, pretty necklace or bracelet. Hope these Polyvore sets will inspire you:
  6. Sure, if this is in an office environment, then you MUST wear a bra underneath your camisole, just choose the ones that are in neutral dark hue. Another thing is when your camisole is sheer, then you should wear a bra. I use to wear plain strapless one with demi cups. I know many camis with built in bras. Those ladies with large boobs definitely should wear bras, to prevent the bounce factor, LOL. I prefer strapless designs.
  7. A sleeveless dress can be complimented by something that features sleeves. Of course, everything depends on what kind of topper you are about to add, as it varies in fabrics, lengths and shapes. I recommend to try on sheer fabric jackets, made of transparent or lace materials. Don't be afraid of bell sleeve jackets, bishop sleeves, as well as butterfly and hanging sleeves. I also see ladies who wear long sleeve blouses under sleeveless dresses. Opt for a sheer blouse that will compliment your structured dress.
  8. You can go for white undershirt, like cami, tube, bralette or tank, in other words, choose anything what is sleeveless and lightweight. Sure, nude color bras are ideal, but you can choose nude or beige camisoles. White bras and bandeau tops are great too. If you want to make things look sexier, then you better try on a contrasting bra underneath! Hope this helped!
  9. There are no specific rules in blouses and maxi skirts combination. All you need is a balanced look. It's quite easy to be done, just make sure you are not looking like a Christmas tree. This year is all about pastels, florals, bright colors, dark hues, boho touches and of course sheer fabrics. Below are my favorite Polyvore sets that can be sort of help for you:
  10. This kinds of combo is casual style and I love it soooo much! This combo looks great with crop tops, tops with spaghetti straps, chic blouses, basic T-shirts, sweaters, etc. I also want to share with you my favorite Polyvore sets featuring converse and skater skirts:
  11. My congrats to you, dear @Fashionito! I am glad you just dropped unwanted kilos! Anyway, answering to your question...Skinnies are extremely versatile, coll and easy to style. If you want to wear this type of denim and look different every single day, then you better know what tops you can wear with skinnies: basic T-shirts; Button-downs, button-ups and classic shirts; Blouses; Crop tops; Off-shoulder tops; Drop shoulder; sleeveless, short sleeve; peplum; ruffled, ruched; bandeau tops bralettes; sliptanks. Speaking of cold weather tops, then you can try on: sweaters pullovers, sweatshirts, jumpers; cardigans.
  12. Ha-ha, nice GIF! Well, speaking of jeans and tops for night-outs, I guess your top should really stand out! Think of something glittering, metallic or shiny. Go for a sexy bodysuit tucked in your favorite slim jeans, or drape blouse in black color tucked in matching color denim pants. Of course, you can try crop tops in solid neutral colors, but if only you want to show-off your belly. If you don;t want to do that, then you can simply team crop top with high-waisted skinnies. T-back mesh top in sequins can make you look fabulous, all you need is to pair it with your favorite black skinnies.
  13. I understand you, @Fashionito, we all wish to extend life of our favorite summer dresses, especially the ones that are strapless and sleeveless. As you already told, this is manageable by a simple formula, by adding a pretty blouse underneath. This two-piece combination looks chic and put-together. You can try on a bright printed tank dress under a classy billowing white blouse, the result looks sweet and chic. Go for a tailored blouse to wear under a loose boho dress to have a more structure in it. Or you can tone down a fancy A-line frock by wearing it over a classic blouse with flats. You also can create a retro look, by choosing a simple dress by wearing over a blouse with shirt collar that will peak out from the frock. Sure you can add ankle boots and wide choker to make your outfit look edgier. If you are bored of classic and neutral hues, choose something printed and modern. I recommend to stick to stripes or polka dots. If you still think your outfit looks undone, go for a scarf that can be tied on your neck or around your waist.
  14. No worries, @Fashionito, the v-neck dresses are very popular, that's why there will be no problem for you to choose the right jewelry. Pick the necklace that ends somewhere mid chest, but avoid designs that would drape into you cleavage. Shorter necklaces will keep attention off your chest and more on your face. Plus, necklace will never get lost in your dress. Believe me, you gonna hate a very long necklace, as you will always have to pull out it of your dress. Choose a simple necklace with a single pendant. Of course, everything depends on the occasion, that's why if you will have a very special event, then I recommend to wear a flasher necklace to underline your individuality.
  15. Sure, green and especially emerald hue is a fashionable color. It's an ideal choice for celebrating all kinds of holidays, including Christmas and New Year. Answering to your question, I'd definitely suggest you to go with some metallic shoes. This choice will definitely make you more attractive and brighter. Think of gold, bronze, silver. All these shades are ideal for adding a right dose of sophistication to your dress. The result is a stunning luxe impression, if you choose silver shoes, then your dress will get a slight blue undertone. Bronze shoes will keep you look more neutral. Speaking of shoe styles, I recommend to choose srtappy heels or pointy-toe pumps for a very special night. If you are going to a glamour party, then choose dangling crystal shoes to make a real statement. Sure, black shoes are still in, as well as white, gray, beige or black-white ones. If you do like taking risks, then you better try on marine blue, turquoise or aubergine violet shoes. The last but not least are nude and brown colors. If you still in doubt, go for nude pair of shoes.
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