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  1. InfinityLook

    Where should a maxi dress hit?

    from ankles to floor. I recommend to choose ankle-length, so your dress doesn't get dirty.
  2. I think plaid shirt will fit this combo the best!!!
  3. InfinityLook

    Accessories for black dress and red heels

    Choose red stone jewellery, golden necklaces, or gold bracelets, ring or diamond earrings.
  4. InfinityLook

    How to wear distressed jeans to work?

    Depends on your dress code. i am not allowed to wear distressed and ripped jeans to work.
  5. InfinityLook

    What to wear with a blue dress?

    Work: fitted black or any other dark neutral color jacket, elegant one piece of jewellery and comfortable shoes in the same color of jacket. Parties: fitted blazer in gold sequins or white color, fancy jewellery and bright pumps. Home gatherings: cute cardigan, smart casual blazer, cropped sweater, mid heel shoes and small bag.
  6. InfinityLook

    How to wear cashmere in the rain?

    You need to cover it with waterproof layers. it can be a trench coat, leather jacket, parka, raincoat or water resistant topper.
  7. InfinityLook

    What color shoes should you wear with a gold dress?

    You definitely should try red heels or go for black pumps.
  8. InfinityLook

    What to wear with red high heels?

    Red high heels look awesome with white , red, black, gold and blue dress, jumpsuit or suit.
  9. Wear them with summer footwear like sandals, thong flats, pumps or ballet flats. Keep jewellery to a minimum. Cover it with cardigan or blazer if it's cold.
  10. InfinityLook

    How to wear a jumpsuit with a jacket?

    On a daily basis choose leather jacket, vintage blazer, jean jacket, down vest or cardigan. On special events choose blazers, tuxedo jackets or boleros
  11. InfinityLook

    How to wear printed trousers?

    You have to create a balanced look: fit and colors. You should avoid baggy looks and let one color of your printed pants match the color of your top.
  12. InfinityLook

    How to wear a blouse with jeans?

    Tuck blouse inside your jeans or wear blouse untucked.
  13. InfinityLook

    Do Parisians wear jeans?

    Yes, theyare wearing jeans and a lot!!! Most of them are skinnies, slim and regular fit jeans
  14. InfinityLook

    What to wear over a strapless jumpsuit?

    Strapless jumpsuit goes with capes, blazers, dressy jackets, boleros and fur coats.
  15. I felt in love with that pale blue chambray shirt with floral print on its back, cream white blouse with lace embroidery, black leather mini shorts, front lace-up suede brown skirt and that black leather jacket with a jacquard print on its back.