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  1. Both dresses are classics and timeless must haves. These two frocks were popular in the late of fifties. By the way, both dresses were worn by such style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Sharon Stone, etc. My favorite styles are the ones with no sleeves. Anyway, the main difference lies in the silhouette and fit. Sheath is named so beacause of its straight lines that resemble a knife sheath. But personally for me, sheath looks so, because it actually shifts, so the bottom comes with a wider skirt. Yep, sheath gives you a contour. I like it for the form fitting look that makes your curves show-off. The shift dress gives you a bit room to move, so it's an ideal choice for ladies who want to feel free in their moves. The columnar shaped dress doesn't hug your body, but it does not appears boxy. It ideally flatters most of women bodies.
  2. A blouse is a perfect choice to dress up your jeans. Just imagine a crisp button-down blouse and distressed jeans combo! The look is simply gorgeous! Blouse can give you a stunnign look that will underline your femininity and uniqueness. Most of women wear blue color jeans, right? So, I think you better stick to the following blouses colors: White Black Yellow Green Pink Turquoise Red Gray.
  3. If you ask what type of shirt to wear under a blazer, then there are several types that are allowed to be worn. Button-down and classic shirts are ideal for wearing under blazer. They come in all kinds of colors and fits, all you need is to make sure they ideally suit your blazer. Speaking of styles, then I recommend blouses, western inspired designs, pin tuck, tuxedos, the ones with ruffled in front, peplum shirts, I see ladies wear tunics under blazers; T-shirts is also a good choice, as they will make you look less professional and more smart-casual; A very important aspect is your shirt's collar. It can be classic straight, spread, cutaway, tab, curved or even banded.
  4. Hi @FashionMaker ! I am just looking for an inspiration right now, I want to buy yellow cardiagn, but don't know what type exactly. If you have some inspirational images, I would be thankful! Thanks!
  5. Hi, @ProStlst! I am hourglass shaped. So what should I wear?
  6. Hey, @Glamlover looks pretty sweet
  7. I am looking for comfortable yoga classes clothes. Can you advice me what should I buy?
  8. I am a big fan of yellow color. I am searching for a chic yellow dress. Do you know a nice one I can buy?
  9. Hi, I am searching for a nice yellow cardigan. Do you know a stylish one I can buy?
  10. I have a cute LWD and I want to know what shoes i can wear with it?
  11. I found out I have plus size apple shape body. What advice regarding my body you can tell me and what clothes to buy and avoid?
  12. Hello everyone! I was wondering what kind of tops I can wear with Indian long skirts?
  13. I don't know what is my body shape, that's why I have problems in finding an appropriate clothing. Please tell me how to find out what is my body shape and what clothes I better avoid wearing and what clothes to buy.
  14. I am invited to Paul McCartney concert. It takes place on 4th October at Golden 1 center. I was wondering what clothes should I wear?
  15. I want to wear stylish clothes this Fall season. Let me know what should I wear if I am woman over 40?
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