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  1. Are there any particular rules in wearing loafers with jeans? I am a big fan of loafers, as I used to wear them all the time, especially at work (with a pantsuit). Now I moved to another city and work in a company where is a free dress code. So, I want to try them with jeans, but don't know how to wear loafers with them. Can you help me?
  2. I am a big fan of skinny jeans, but I always face the same problem: what shoes to wear with them! Sooner or later it's going to be cold, that's why I was wondering what kind of shoes should I wear with skinny jeans during winter season months? Are there any cool designs that are in style right now?
  3. Funny thing. I thought I know the difference between cape and poncho, but then I looked for inspiration on how to wear capes on the streets (some kind of blog) and you know what, I saw capes and ponchos in one post?! I panicked, as I started to confuse capes with ponchos. Anyone, can you be so kind and tell me once and for all, what is the difference between poncho and cape? Thanks!
  4. Hello ladies! I've a question. I love my black color turtleneck, but it looks a bit too basic. I was wondering how to wear a scarf with a turtleneck sweater? I'm afraid I can overdose my look, don't you think so? Maybe you can share some tips?
  5. Yesterday, I bought this dress at Zappos. It's from Hale Bob Hear Me Roar Dress. The dress fit is stunning, I really like that lightweight stretch fabric that gently covers my body. The silhouette is beautiful, it's faux-wrap with surplice neckline, asymmetrical hemline and long sleeves. The problem is, I don't know what color shoes to wear with this zebra print dress. Yes, black sandals is an option, but I want something special that can make me stand out from the crowd. Any help?
  6. Hi everyone! I am desperate, as I can't find any information on what shoes to wear with wide leg trousers. These pants are back in trend, but how to wear them? I really don't know. Can anyone advice me what shoes I should wear with wide leg trousers? Thanks
  7. My best friend bought me a sweet pink cashmere sweater. The thing is I I wouldn't normally buy or wear anything that's pink, but I really like the one my friend gave me. As I never wore pink clothes, I have no idea what to wear with this pink sweater. I have white collared shirts...and that's it! I need some ideas or tips. Please help!!!
  8. There are some dos and donts in yoga classes. Of course, comfort and fit play one of the main roles in creating your yoga look. At yogaclasses you should focus on doing the poses. The first no-no are supershort shorts or the loose-fit ones. Stay away from spandex mini shorts. Better be completely covered when doing poses, like wearing cropped or full length leggings. Another no-no are cotton underwear clothes. It can quicky get wet and it doesn't dry quickly. Choose moisture wicking briefs, or go with no undies at all. Once the practice begins you better take off your shoes, so no footwear is needed during yoga classes.
  9. I recommend to look for jewelry with red gemstones! This will make you stand out and feel very special. Of course, there are lots of golden jewelry, like rings, earrings, and bracelets. I see lots of ladies who prefer to wear red dresses with necklaces and long dangle earrings. But keep your jewelry minimum, otherwise it can confuse people's eyes.
  10. Black dress can go a very long way. No matter what is the length, style and shape, it ideally looks on every woman. It makes you look streamlined. What I love the most about black dresses, they easily go from parties to office environment. Of course, you need right accessories and layers. I gathered my favourite polyvore sets so you can find something interesting and inspiring. Here are seen black dresses with red shoes. Red color will easily dress up any black dress. They will provide a contrasting color so you can easily underline your individuality. Choose only high quality shoes, as they will draw people's eyes. Complete your look with jewelry and some basic accessories.
  11. I am a big fan of sneakers and dress look. I usually wear one-color looks (dress and sneaks) but I really want to create something new and bright. I would love to see fresh ideas on how to wear sneakers with a dress. Can you tell me interesting wardrobe ideas on how to wear comfy kicks with different style of dresses. Thanks
  12. I just discovered Oxford shoes and I die to know awesome looks I can create with black Oxfords. I want to know awesome and unexpected ways I can use Oxfords in my everyday runs from work to parties. I know it can be hard to pull them off, but I really want to know how to wear them. Tell me interesting style tips and tricks I can follow to wear these menswear-inspired shoes in real life. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone! I need all kinds of tips, tricks, and ideas on what dresses can go with over-the-knee boots. I just bought a stunning pair of OTK boots and I want to try them with a dress, but I have no idea what dress should I wear. Can you give me styling lessons? Thanks
  14. Is it okay to wear knee high boots to the office? It's gonna be cold soon and I wanted to know if I can wear knee-higih boots to work. Can you may be teel me the best office-friendly knee boot looks I can create this year? Thanks
  15. I am a big fan of Mary Janes since my childhood. I am not a little girl that I used to be, but I still want to wear this type of footwear. So, I was wondering how can I style mary jane flats without looking like a baby. Can you be so kind and tell me how to wear mary janes?
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