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  1. JBlair

    Women Who Are Over 50 Can Try These Trousers

    Indeed this is amazing!
  2. JBlair

    Plus Size Swimwear & Beachwear

    Amazing post! Bandeau bikinis are the most stylish and trendy thing for curvy ladies to wear. Along with this, there are reversible bikinis, scrunch bikinis, push up tops and many more, available at the at the top online stores like dollboxx (www.dollboxx.com.au), amazon, etc. All these bikini types makes one feel confident and hot and let them enjoy their freedom at every moment.
  3. JBlair

    Plus Size Dresses For Ladies Over 30

    This is something unique.
  4. JBlair

    You Can Still Wear Skirts If You Are Over 50

    Nice post to share. Thanks.
  5. JBlair

    Amazing Trousers For Women After 40

    I really liked your post.
  6. What about white polos? Does they look standard?
  7. JBlair

    Modern Punk Style: How It Works Nowadays

    Thanks for sharing this amazing read.
  8. JBlair

    Tattoos…Yes Or No?

    I don't. I actually do not like it.
  9. JBlair

    Smokey, Bushy & Brushed eyebrows

    All the pictures are just awesome. Bushy eyebrows really gives trendy look.
  10. I liked your suggestion Modish!
  11. JBlair

    blue eyes and hair color

    Blue eyes look great in all the hair colors.