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  1. Try on with red heels: black evening jumpsuit, red pencil dress, black maxi gown, gold romper, pantsuit in black
  2. I think wearing jeans with loafers is the easiest thing on earth. You can try loafers with regular jeans or skinny jeans. This pairing will highlight your feminine curves and make you look sophisticated and individual. Of course this type of shoes is more men's, bur you can pair them with feminine clothes. You can surely highlight your best assets. The result gonna look contemporary, casual and on-trend image. Wear them as pumps. You can also cuff your jeans to make yourself look trendy.
  3. Skinnies look great with all kind of shoes, starting with ankle boots, calf boots and knee boots to otk boots to thigh highs, uggs and other winter appropriate footwear.
  4. I think the bestshoes that can make you stand out from the crowd are metallic sandals or pumps. But I think zebra print by itself already makes you look bright.
  5. The difference is quite simple: capes are used to be draped over shoulders and ponchos are worn over neck. I think you saw a trashy blog where someone just published everything inside!
  6. You can simply throw it over turtleneck. Or use it as a belt by tying scarf around turtleneck's waist. I personally tie scarf around neck.
  7. I think plus size women should wear relaxed and lightweight clothing. What concrete, it depends on their own style and preferences. I am plus sized girl and I wear classics and Tomboy inspired looks, that's why I recommend to choose clothes in light colors, tailored pieces and flat shoes.
  8. The satchel bag is summers best friend. wear it slung on one shoulder with a cool denim jacket, basic white top and mini skirt, or you can wear is across your body with classic separates, or hold it by the handle with classic workwear. This is an ideal style to add a laidback summer cool vibe to your everyday outfits.
  9. On one shoulder or crossing your body. Wear fitted clothes that wont make you look bulky, because of the shoulder strap.
  10. If you are 60 or over you should keep attention to basic outfits. Of course, I recommend to add bright accessories and jewelry, but keep it minimal.
  11. Flared jeans look best with platforms, ankle boots, pointed toe pumps. skinnies are ideal for wearing with over the knee boots, all kinds of boots, sneakers and pumps. boyfriends are ideal for wearing with heels, sneakers, boots and mannish shoes.
  12. depends on your dress color. Nude wedding dress: can go with white shoes in mid or high heels. white bridal dress: ideally work with red, blue, white, nude and pastel shoes, like sandals or classic pumps. pastel hue dress: looks awesome with nude and white shoes no matter if they are sandals or pumps.
  13. You definitely should wear undergarments. Which ones depends on your dress style. If it's strapless, one shoulder or sleeveless, then you better go for strapless bra. If it is long sleeve, then you are free to use classic wedding lingerie.
  14. You definitely should try a jumpsuit. It is a perfect one-piece garment that can be updated with a blazer or kimono. Look for dressy styles with fitted silhouettes and embroideries. Of course, solid color versions are great too, but I recommend to try bright style. Here are my favorites.
  15. I think maxi gown is the dress that ends somewhere in the ankle or below. I see lots of brands calling their dresses maxi, when their length is midi. VERY STRANGE!
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