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  1. I want to know best outfits for wedding ceremonies. I need something comfortable and easy to wear.
  2. I am going to attend my first interview tomorrow and I would be thankful to know what I can wear to make a perfect impression!
  3. I am desperate! I want to know with what to wear black leggings.
  4. I want to know what can I wear to a summer wedding this year? I am a guest, so I need something nice, ladylike and elegant.
  5. I am a bridesmaid and I have a long dress. Pls, advice me nice shoes I can wear with my dress.
  6. I was invited to a wedding this Fall. I have no idea what to wear. The wedding takes place at the end of October, so I guess it will be quite chilly outside. Please advice.
  7. I am going to a wedding. It's not going to be a fancy event, that's why I need a simple dress. I don't want to look like a red carpet queen. Please advice me what are best simple dresses I can wear to a wedding.
  8. I want to know the main differences between two type of jeans: skinnies and slim fit ones. Please tell me, as I find myself confused sometimes, as I see skinny jeans, but it is written they are slim fit ones.
  9. I bought two red bags and I don't know with what to wear them. Please advice!
  10. Please tell me what are the best tops I can wear with a maxi skirt. I want to look classy, but ladylike. Are there any rules to follow?
  11. Can I wear chinos rolled up? If yes, how can I do it to look chic.
  12. I want to look casual with a long skirt. What type of long skirts can look casual on me?
  13. I am not plus sized but everytime I try on long skirt I look frumpy! Please tell me how to wear long skirts without looking curvy and big.
  14. With what clothes white handbags look awesome. I have tote bag, bucket bag and classic handbag in white colors. Tell me the best ways how to style them?
  15. I am a petite girl and I want to know how to wear maxi dresses if I am short.
  16. How can I wear leggings? Please tell me best ways how to style them right now.
  17. I want to know best looks for ladies over 40. I am 42 and planning my next year Spring wardrobe. Please advice me great looks I can wear from the streets to formal events. Thanks!
  18. Need advices on what to wear on a first date? Should I dress sexy, casual or classy?
  19. Is it okay to wear leggings to work? Please tell me, as I want to go tomorrow in leggings
  20. I am 42 and I was wondering how to make leggings look great on me. Can I still wear them at this age?
  21. I am going to the gym next month. I never been to the gym before. Please tell me what kind of outfit should I get and how to make it look nice on me. I am normal body shape woman. I just want to take some basic accessories with no extra weight. I want to look modern and sporty.
  22. I want to know how to wear leggings with dresses. Please show me best looks to get inspired by. I bought myself a new printed dress and I don't know how to wear it with leggings.
  23. I just bought LWD and I don't know with what to wear it! Please help me!
  24. My best friend asked me to go with her at some fancy dinner that takes place at a very posh restaurant. The thing is, dress code is very strange: red shoes. I was wondering what I can wear with my favourite red high heels? Can you be so kind and give me a piece of advice?
  25. I am plus sized lady and I want to know best dresses that look great on curvy and plus size women.