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  1. My best friend asked me to go with her at some fancy dinner that takes place at a very posh restaurant. The thing is, dress code is very strange: red shoes. I was wondering what I can wear with my favourite red high heels? Can you be so kind and give me a piece of advice?
  2. The traditional color that looks great with royal blue is gold. No matter if you choose brooch, earrings, rings, bracelets, headpiece, belt, necklace or anything else, a perfect look is guaranteed. Yes, silver is also great for wearing with blue, but it only gives you an accent of a shine, but not that special and rich look. I love to see ladies in turquoise jewelry. This color is ideal for daytime events, when you just need to underline your femininity. Think of turquoise necklaces, cuffs and earrings. If you want to create a modern look that is both funky and chic, then you better give a try to yellow or mint color jewelry. These hues will make you look fresh and cool. Pink color necklace is a nice way to underline your girlishness. If you want to look classy and feminine, I recommend to choose ivory pearl jewelry, it looks retro inspired and timelessly chic.
  3. Everything depends on occasion. If you are going to a fancy party, then I guess the best way is to choose embellished, sequined or bright color pumps. Think of golden metallic pumps, or the ones colored in emerald or silver hue. You can also choose black, nude and navy. Here are some of my favorite polyvore sets for you to get inspired by:
  4. I am a big fan of everything new. That's why I love the comeback of jelly sandals. You can wear these clear sandals with anything you want. Sure, they do not look professional, but they are definitely a cool addition to a casual outfit. See-through jelly sandals go with all colors. If you are new to these shoes, I recommend to opt for monochrome ensemble. Then you can go for more electric looks, by adding bright and patterned socks, rolling up denim overalls to show off these fun shoes. You can also buy the ones that are see-through but have a glittery addition. Just have some fun with this footwear.
  5. Hi @Elizabeth Thompson! Usually professional women prefer classic closed toe pumps with mid heels. But you can still wear sandals to the office, of course if your dress code allows such footwear. I know a girl who works in a big company where she wears only pantsuits with classic pumps! She hates her job, but they pay a good salary! She has chosen money. I personally work as a web designer and I am free to wear whatever I want, as the company I work for has a free dress code. I can wear whatever clothes and shoes I want. Well, I am a bad example, LOL. Anyway, most of companies allow their workers to wear sandals, as long as their feet is covered. Better keep your feet fingers unseen.
  6. Skinny jeans look great with gladiator sandals. Of course, if your gladiators come in a knee-height look, then I am afraid they are no, no. That's why the most appropriate style of gladiator sandals you can wear with skinnies are ankle-length sandals. Your denim outfit will look creative, stylish, yet casual.
  7. hmm...if the weather was real cold, then I don't have much to say: it's weird, strange and stupid to see girls wearing flip flops in winter. Of course, winter time can be different in various countries. I live in the south and it's quite warm all year round. The look of a girl who wears flip flops in cold winter months is ridiculous. Flip flops and winter do not match together, sorry!
  8. If you will properly select and use heels, there will never be such questions. I love my 4-inch pumps and I wear them everyday at work. I hate when heels haters say that women should avoid high heels, because they are not comfortable and you can ruin your health. Of course, if you don't know how to wear heels, then it can damage your health. May be you just wearing heels wrong way. But if you wear them right, then there is a chance that something is wrong with your shoes. That's why my personal recommendation is to buy well-crafted heels that are not cheap. I mean, stay away from fast fashion retailers, they do have trendy shoes, but this footwear will break your feet. Never look for less, better save money and buy one good pair, than three or four shoes from a cheap retailer. No I am not saying cheap shoes are bad ones, I am trying to say, this kind of footwear can be made of cheap materials and the structure can hurt your moves. Well-crafted shoes offer more support, padding and stability. Branded shoes can live longer, that's why it's a good investment! Next problem that can be made by you is the wrong size of shoes. they can be either too big or too small. No, this is not somekind of bodycon dress or boyfriends look! These are heels! Smaller or bigger pair won't support your feet correctly. If shoes don't fit you, skip them! Of course, if they are made of leather and they are tight, you should walk a bit, so they can fit the shape of your feet, but if you walk already one or two weeks and you still have pain, then the size doesn't suit you. I also have essential tips for you that can help you:
  9. Hi @Elizabeth Thompson! It's not cold year, that's why I think you should give a try to flat pumps with pointed-toes. A pointy pair will visually lengthen your legs and you will have possibility to wear them with almost any skirt, trousers or dress. Anyway, answering your question about cold season shoes, I do not recommend to wear knee boots or mid calf boots, as they will only shorten your legs. Best styles to wear are block heeled ankle boots. Heels and wedges are great for making your legs look longer. I recommend to wear designs with vertical zippers and laces, so they can move eyes upward. You should never wear square toe boots, the ones that are slouchy and straps.
  10. The knee high boots are incredibly versatile. You can wear them with almost anything, including skirts, pants, jeans, shorts and dresses. This is an essential part of woman's wardrobe in winter time. Yes, you can wear them during spring and fall season as well. Sometimes I wear my knee boots in summer, but when its really cold outside. I like wearing this footwear with shorts. This kind of combination looks daring and edgy. I like teaming denim cut-offs with knee boots this makes me feel and look gorgeous. Of course I add layers to such look, like a long shirt or cardigan, so no one can blame me for wearing sexy outfits. Another nice look you can create with knee boots is wearing them with midi skirts. I recommend to choose calf-length design, this will make you look more classy and urban-friendly. Narrow skirts look the same awesome as with fuller skirts. I've got interesting outfit ideas for you. In these street style images are shown various looks you can recreate with slouchy and fitted boots. As you can see, ladies wear this footwear with dresses, office pants, leggings, skinny jeans, short dresses, mini skirts and flared skirts as well.
  11. I think it's okay to wear these two prints together. There is one very important rule: match colors, not prints. That's why, I think there is nothing wrong with plaids and stripes. If you try them on and they look good together, then why don't you wear it? I personally always match black with white and it really looks awesome on me. Another thing is the print by itself, the more simpler they both are, the easier they can be mixed together. I think stripes can be matched with almost any print. The black and white goes with everything. It's simple and I would even say- neutral looking. I love mixing it with florals, animal spots and complicated patterns. So, yes, you can mix them!
  12. I want to know the main differences between two type of jeans: skinnies and slim fit ones. Please tell me, as I find myself confused sometimes, as I see skinny jeans, but it is written they are slim fit ones.
  13. I just made nude nails. Do you like it?
  14. I think you better talk with your friends and parents before making tattoo. Of course, I am not saying you should be listening to them, at least you will know what they think and it can somehow help you to make a final choice.
  15. Look for lightweight clothes in relaxed fit. Keep attention to the cut and length.
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