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    Yes, you can wear pants to a wedding if dresses aren't your thing. “As bridal wear is evolving, so is what guests are wearing,” Lein Founder and Designer Meredith Stoecklein tells TZR. ... She notes, “I'm most comfortable in pants, and the right style and fabric can be elevated but still comfortable.
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    Hello ladies! I was invited to a wedding. The problem is I hate dresses. I want to know if I can wear trousers to a weddding? Can you advice me interesting outfit ideas I can use? Thanks
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    If the leggings you're planning to head out in today are looking a bit baggy, you can shrink them back up using your trusty blow-dryer. Simply drape them over a hanger, fire up the blow-dryer at its hottest setting, and watch any areas of bagginess shrink right up.
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    I think the best solution is to go down for one size, plus you better look for a higher content of Lycra. These two things will stop your leggings from wrinkling at the knees. Hope my answer will help you out.
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    There is a misconception that trousers are more informal than dresses and you are not allowed to wear them to a wedding. Of course you can wear statement trousers to a wedding. Just make sure they look awesome on you. You can go for floral jacquard trousers to make them look either 1970's or Victorian era inspired by adding a lovely ruffled blouse and slim blazer. Keep things fresh and ladylike with a pair of fluid pants, like silken wrap trousers. If you are more into mannish style, then you can give a try to checkered print pantsuits with cropped ankle-length trousers.
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    I recommend to try on a trouser suit that is a big trend this season. You can choose all kinds of designs in many different shades. How about wearing floral trousers with matching print suit jacket? This will surely make you stand out from the crowd. I advice to wear wide-leg trousers that can be styled with high-heels. One important thing: No matter how bold is your pantsuit, keep your shirt plain and simple.
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    If you don't want to wear a dress to a wedding, you can easily suit up and choose a nice pair of trousers by teaming them with a dressy top and jacket. Just think of a cool embroidered jacket paired with a silk white vest and tailored pants. Of course, you can add vintage necklaces and other pretty jewelry to underline your uniqueness. In other words, there are lots of cool trousers styles, starting from wide-leg pants to slim-fitting designs that can be completed with any color shirt. There is one BUT: don't choose all white suit, it's inappropriate for weddings, if you are not a bride!
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