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    I want to share with you my favorite ways how to wear shirtdress with leggings. For instance, you can try basic white elongated shirt and wear it as a dress with black leggings, white sneakers and black leather jacket, or try on abstract black-white marble inspired long semi-sheer shirt-dress with black leggings, white trainers and camel blazer. I highly recommend to try on plaid shirt-dress with black leggings, this is a great way to look like a grunge or punk girl. I see lots ladies who choose chambray shirtdresses wearing with black leggings and high boots. Sure, it's more casual appearance, but it's worth to try it!
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    Shirtdress and leggings combination is a great choice for ladies who want always look nice and well put together. There are no rules in this look. Maybe a couple: choose shirtdress that covers your butt, wear leggings that are opaque. My favorite look so far is the one that features a plaid shirtdress, pair of leggings, a belt and some lace-up boots. This pairing is incredibly versatile and easy to wear. You can create plenty of awesome looks. You can go for printed leggings and solid neutral color shirt-dress, or try on plaid shirt-dress and style it with neutral color leggings. Your shirtdress can be short, so you can easily create a truly sex-appeal look with a side slit that will highlight your curves.
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    Let's discuss your favorite type of footwear. My list: Suede ankle boots - Slip into some new suede shoes. Street Sneakers - The official footwear of off-duty models everywhere. Extra Daring Heels - For days when i need my shoes to do the talking. Everyday flats - Polished enough for the office, chic enough for after hours. Over-the-knee boots - the're the It-girl approved boot for fall.
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    I want to try shirt dress and leggings next week. Are there any rules or tricks I should know about before wearing this combination? Can someone please tell me how to wear a shirt dress with leggings, please.
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    I wanted to know if I can wear short sweater over a dress in cold weather? How short should be my sweater to look great with a dress. What type of dress can be worn under short sweater? Would be nice to know it! Thanks!
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    I want to update my look, that's why I bought a white peasant blouse. The thing is, I don't know how to wear it. It comes with gorgeous details, relaxed fit that makes it look very boho-inspired. Can someone please tell me, how to wear a white peasant blouse? Thanks!
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    I want to wear sandals next Summer. Can someone please advice me, what are the most comfortable sandals for walking? I am going to Italy, where I will visit Rome, Florence, Verona and Venice, that's why I need comfortable shoes for standing and walking all day. Please help!
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    Is tartan plaid is having a moment right now?
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    If you want to create a simple, relaxed everyday look, you should give a try to a basic T-shirt, no matter if it's solid, neutral, bright, printed, graphic, no matter what tee you choose, I am 100% sure you gonna look awesome. Go for fitted tees and tank tops to balance a relaxed fot of cargos. You can add a light jacket or cardigan to spruce up the look. Those of you who wants to look smart, I suggest to try on classic shirts in white, cream orgray colors. Blouses in lace or chiffon will certainly add a feminine touch, but I recommend to choose slim or skinny cargo pants instead of relaxed-fit ones. I've got my favorite Polyvore sets to share with you, hope these ideas how to wear cargo pants will help you!
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    Kate knows how to look 100% gorgeous and kingly chic. I am in love with her coat dress look as well. I've got some pics that drive me crazy!!! Navy tailored coat-dress with golden buttons is simply terrific! I noticed, she likes ¾ sleeve styles with pleated and layered skirt, defined waist and metallic finish.
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    Yep, and it's my favorite one for a moment! A green dress by Kenzo is terrific!
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    I think there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of flat sandals! You can walk miles in these shoes and they still be comfortable. Sure, you need a pair of functional and comfy shoes. I've got a little collection of possible sandals designs to share with you: slides with espadrille soles flat sandals with back strap for more support Ancient Greek flat Sandals Strappy flat sandals Birkenstocks I don't think you should sacrifice comfort, that's why I recommend to wear flat sandals during your trip.
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    I think every hipster girl has her own style. That's why it's quite hard to identify most popular shoes worn by this subculture. Once you can surely say what shoes are popular among hipsters, then it's no wonder this footwear will be out of style in hipsters fashion. For instance, I remember Converse shoes were popular in hipsters wardrobe, until that day when everyone started to copy this look. If you want to look like a hipster and wear hipster shoes, I recommend to study street style images and choose yourself comfortable footwear.
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    I think block heels will never disappear from fashion world. They can be found everywhere in every style. There are great designs in ankle-boots look, sandals, slides, pumps, pointed toes, etc. A woman who is wearing block heeled shoes looks confident, trendy and unique. The appearance is simply breathtaking. Yes, these shoes are very easy to style and can be worn with anything you have in your closet. It's no wonder why they ideally replace stilettos.
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    Yep, you are right @InfinityLook, I've got some interesting Polyvore sets outfit inspirational images to share with all:
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    wow. Suits look really fine! A retro inspired touch makes them look terrific
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    Hello @TeddyLover! I will start from outerwear. go for chic basics like trench coats. If you are more into blazers, then I recommend to have a navy, grey or camel blazer. Then you should have jeans. Go for skinnies in dark and blue colors. if you are not into skinnies, you can go for slim version. Don't forget about boyfriends. boyfriend jeans can look great with all kinds of shirts and tunics. How about distressed boyfriend jeans? They look trendy and can work for 40's old women. Believe me you gonna look edgy and chic. Now, let's talk about chic tops. Think of long sleeve t-shirts. they can be in white, black or blue colors. don't forget this year's must have print - breton print. If you want something more dressy, how about wearing shirts? go for white, denim or chambray. If it's cold, how about wearing knitwear? Think of fitted crew neck cardigans, cashmere jumpers or turtlenecks. Speaking of footwear, how about loafers, low heeled pumps or ballet pumps? Underline your individuality with a cute scarf. Go for a lightweight or knitted style.
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    @TeddyLover you can wear all kinds of shoes with jeans. All depends on your jeans styles. The most popular jeans are skinnies, slim, flared, boyfriends, bootcut and mom jeans. Of course, every style comes with different details and embellishments. You need to choose the ones that look and feel great on you. Personally, I like to wear skinnies. They can look great with ankle boots, sandals, all kinds of boots, pumps, heels, sneakers and even with UGGS. I've got a cool Polyvore sets collection for you to get inspired by, hope you like it.
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    Hi @annawinter ! If you are plus size lady and you want this year to rock leggings, you should know some great tops you can team these bottoms so you look cool and ladylike! For instance, leggings can be worn with chambray shirts, draped coats, peplum tops, fitted pullovers, sweaters, elongated tunics, etc. I've got a stunning Polyvore sets collection to get inspired by.Here it is:
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    I like loafers, all kinds of espadrilles, trainers, heeled sandals, caged pumps, etc. Here are some of my favorites...
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    you kidding me, right? There are thousands and more ideas how to wear black leggings!
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    My favorite movie is Coco Before Chanel!
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    My favorite movie is Saint Laurent. I am so in love with Gaspard Ulliel!