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    I want to share with you my favorite ways how to wear shirtdress with leggings. For instance, you can try basic white elongated shirt and wear it as a dress with black leggings, white sneakers and black leather jacket, or try on abstract black-white marble inspired long semi-sheer shirt-dress with black leggings, white trainers and camel blazer. I highly recommend to try on plaid shirt-dress with black leggings, this is a great way to look like a grunge or punk girl. I see lots ladies who choose chambray shirtdresses wearing with black leggings and high boots. Sure, it's more casual appearance, but it's worth to try it!
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    Shirtdress and leggings combination is a great choice for ladies who want always look nice and well put together. There are no rules in this look. Maybe a couple: choose shirtdress that covers your butt, wear leggings that are opaque. My favorite look so far is the one that features a plaid shirtdress, pair of leggings, a belt and some lace-up boots. This pairing is incredibly versatile and easy to wear. You can create plenty of awesome looks. You can go for printed leggings and solid neutral color shirt-dress, or try on plaid shirt-dress and style it with neutral color leggings. Your shirtdress can be short, so you can easily create a truly sex-appeal look with a side slit that will highlight your curves.
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    Let's discuss your favorite type of footwear. My list: Suede ankle boots - Slip into some new suede shoes. Street Sneakers - The official footwear of off-duty models everywhere. Extra Daring Heels - For days when i need my shoes to do the talking. Everyday flats - Polished enough for the office, chic enough for after hours. Over-the-knee boots - the're the It-girl approved boot for fall.
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    I want to try shirt dress and leggings next week. Are there any rules or tricks I should know about before wearing this combination? Can someone please tell me how to wear a shirt dress with leggings, please.
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    Personally I recommend to choose a jacket which hem is longer than the shirt, or choose the one that comes in the same length as your jacket. I am simply not a fan of cropped jackets, as they make my short upper half look boxy and baggy. I am not saying longer shirts look terrible, but I will never wear this combination. I do understand wearing shirt longer than a jacket is a fashion-forward look, but it doesn't look awesome on some people, like me for instance!
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    Run is a great way to improve your health, as it costs nothing and you can do it all year round, no matter if it's chilly or hot outside. Sure, during cold weather days you will need an appropriate clothing that can be bought in every sports shop. To dress properly you will need to get yourself covered in layers, but I don't mean big sweaters and cozy parkas...it has to be polypropylene socks, protective shell, waterproof windbreaker made of Gore-tex or nylon, cover exposed skin as much as you can and try to avoid cotton, as it tends to sweat very fast that will only harm you making you wet and cold.
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    Most of us think of a skort as something fun and great for summer hit, but no one asks if grown up woman really can get away with a skort. This stunning shorts versus skirt bottom piece is extremely comfortable and ideal for wearing in your everyday life. You can try it on with light slim-fit pullovers, as well as with slim turtlenecks during chilly weather, or you can try the one in a tailored fit that can be easily paired with matching top. Some skorts can be paired with casual tees completed with fancy necklaces, or stylish chambray shirts, metallic sequin T-shirts and crop tops.
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    A maxi pleated skirt can be worn in different ways. For instance, you can create either nerd/ geek look, keep things work appropriate or underline your down town chic spirit thanks to leather pleated skirts and grey sweatshirts. I personally love the it-accordion appearance of this skirt. You can either keep things look sassy and fresh by choosing black-white monochromatic separates. There are cool ways to make this skirt look ladylike: go for pastel hue and pair it with a white crispy blouse, or make it look sophisticated by choosing a fully leather pleated skirt.
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    Women's Shorts For Summer 2017 Street Style Inspiration
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    in need od advice, csn I wear this dress Adriana Papell dress to a wedding in the evening in June? The wedding is in Spain, I neeed to look appropiate
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    Hello Dear Trask! It's nice to have you here. So, your question is about wearing short leather jacket atop longer tops (sweaters). Right? General speaking, there is nothing wrong in wearing such combo, just make sure your sweater doesn't look bulky under leather topper. When I say BULKY, I mean the one that looks extra big on you. This can make you feel uncomfortable while wearing leather jacket on top. You can try slouchy sweater under it, but keep the balance and proportions. If you don't want to risk, then go for a slim sweater that will be a perfect match for wearing under leather outerwear. You also mentioned that most of time you look very casual, right? That's where creativity comes! You are free to try brightened sweaters under neutral color leather jackets. I personally wear Looney Tunes orange-red knitted top under Diesel black leather jacket. By the way, you can try sweater-dress under leather outerwear. Hope these ideas will help you out!
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    Make sure this top doesn't ping up when you lift arms, choose the one that has no tight elastic, this will make it sit better on you. I know many ladies who say that they look dull wearing off-shoulder tops. You can avoid looking boring by adding gorgeous gold or silver necklaces. Experiment with different lengths. I am pretty sure jewelry will add an interest to your pretty top. Most off-shoulder blouses tend to be voluminous and bulky, that's why I advise you to tuck it inside your bottoms, no matter if it's a skirt, shorts, trousers or jeans. I love to see ladies who manage create smart looks with off-shoulder tops. You will need a bright color top and dark color sporty bottoms no matter if these are shorts or athletic inspired pants. You can also pair it with wide-leg ankle-length trousers, this will make you look chic and a bit relaxed. The best style so far is the one that looks casual. You will need a printed off-shoulder blouse tucked in mid-rise washed dark skinny jeans.
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    If we are talking about summer season, then you can simply add a lightweight cardigan made of easy and breezy fabric. You are free to choose any color you want, just don't let it be too bright. Go for draped design in turquoise color, mid length black style or a collarless shortened version. How about wearing a dark neutral color lace capelet? It will smoothly cover your arms and make you look ladylike.
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    I guess you are wondering what color bra does not show through white shirt, right? I personally wear bras that come close to the color of my skin. This is the best way to hide your bras and make it unseen through the white shirt. Of course, everything depends on the thickness of your shirt, if it's thick enough then a white bra can also work.
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    I must confess, I am plus-sized lady and I do have problems with clothes. Sometimes it can be difficult to find an appropriate dress or jeans that will look okay on my body. I heard that maxi skirts ideally suit curvy and overweight ladies. I am planning to buy some. But I do have a question: can you be so kind and tell me what tops look great with maxi skirts?
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    I decided to try on something new. I tell you honestly, I never tried long skirts before. I went to buy several styles and now I am confused, as I don't know how to wear it. Can you be so kind and please tell me best tops for a long skirt? Would be great to know interesting outfit ideas I can recreate! Thanks!
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    I wanted to know if I can wear short sweater over a dress in cold weather? How short should be my sweater to look great with a dress. What type of dress can be worn under short sweater? Would be nice to know it! Thanks!
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    I want to update my look, that's why I bought a white peasant blouse. The thing is, I don't know how to wear it. It comes with gorgeous details, relaxed fit that makes it look very boho-inspired. Can someone please tell me, how to wear a white peasant blouse? Thanks!
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    I am a big fan of high waisted shorts as they hide my belly bulges and front flab. I usually wear them with a top tucked in. You can use either neutral solid colour shirt, plaid lumberjack button-down, or an embellished design completed with cute details, frills and ruffles. If you are more into casual looks, go for simple tees, T-shirts, or crop tops. I highly recommend to avoid bras and crop tops that are too much revealing. I love adding long jackets, but I do recommend to avoid bulky bombers.
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    I hear lots of women saying field jackets are only for men and casual weekends. But in real life, this stylish outerwear piece can make its wearer look put together down to every last detail. I personally love to see how ladies manage to mix up classic and modern trends together, looking stand out and trendy. Plus, it looks incredibly awesome with tailored separates, like formal trousers and shoes. This year my favorite designs of field jackets are the ones that are lightweight, cut in a slightly boxy shape, featuring masculine fit and cargo pockets. Try them on with your favourite skinnies, leather pants, chinos or atop flowy dresses.
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    I think there is nothing wrong in wearing floral dress to work, if only you don't have a uniform dress code or your boss is a strict man who doesn't accept people to look a bit more creative. Okay, if your boss says it's okay to wear floral frocks, then there are still some things to consider before wearing blooming prints. It's very important to choose design that doesn't harm your office environment, I mean no sexy cut-outs, short lengths or baring your skin too much. Another thing is the print by itself, choose colors that are classic and more neutral than bright.
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    No, you don't have to beat weather in denim shorts without covering your legs. These bottoms can easily transition from warm to cold weather season. There are number of cool ways you can make these bottoms look awesome on you. You will need either good pair of tights (patterned or opaque ones), over the knee knitted docks, long coat or high boots. I personally love wearing denim shorts with long knitted cardigans and basic tees. Try on denim cut-offs with sexy tights, ankle-length boots with chunky heel and compliment these pieces with a lovely turtleneck and cozy coat. It's very easy to make these shorts work great on you during cold weather months.
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    Parisian women wear neutral color looks sometimes completed with hints of pastels. They don't like too many black colored garments, but they do like layering. All Parisians have one common essential in their wardrobes for Winter season and it's a chic coat. It can be a classic camel belted trench coat, pea coat or timelessly chic car coat. This outerwear piece is usually completed with an oversized scarf or pashmina. Jeans are classics, no matter if it's a summer, spring or Winter outside. You can easily style your jeans with pretty shirts, blouses or sweaters. Complete your look with stylish leather ankle boots or high boots. I love wearing classy slim fit blue jeans with white turtlenecks, dark grey coats and deep brown ankle boots. But I do see women who prefer dark or black color skinnies teamed with dark burgundy sweaters and black leather jackets.
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    This year we see a comeback of bomber jackets and I think they look really nice worn atop turtleneck sweaters. I am sure you gonna love the way how turtleneck and bomber look together, it's very practical and easy to pair. Trust me, this trend will for sure keep you warm. I definitely recommend you to try on this trendy pairing. Just imagine yourself wearing black turtleneck under leather bomber teamed with skinnies and pointed toe pump.
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    Sheath dress is a versatile garment that can be worn by any lady. Try on lace version and pair it with ladylike platform beige pumps, go for solid color burnt orange design and compliment it with nude pumps, a multi checkered sheath can be updated with bright mustard pumps. You can keep things monochromatic, by adding shoes in the same color as your dress. Your pastel blush sleeveless sheath can look awesome with classic black pumps. If you want to create a harmonized look with your printed dress, then make sure your shoes color matched at least one color of your print.
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    Is tartan plaid is having a moment right now?
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    I definitely advice you to try plaid shirt-dress with black leggings tucked in brown cowboy boots! The image above is a pretty awesome example! As you can see, skinny belt and slouchy boots is a perfect addition! I also love to see ladies who keep their looks simple. Just go for a white shirt-dress and complete it with black leggings tucked in black leather ankle-boots. Just keep in mind one thing: neutral color bottoms and bright top, or vice versa!
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    This summer 2017 must-have: women's shorts. One of the most amazing and annoying things about summer is the hot weather. No, I am not saying it's bad, just some days we want to hide from that hot weather. I know, it's impossible, but at least we can wear some clothes that are ideal for hot temperatures. I think SHORTS is the most beautiful and functional garment that can be worn from beaches to parties, without any drastic change. Plus, there are so many awesome and creative ways to wear them in your everyday life. Be sure, a well-chosen pair of shorts is the basis for a whole look. What garment reminds you of summer? I think it's a pretty floral dress, right? This summer everything changes. These bottoms were adopted by fashion industry and they become popular to wear everywhere you want. I see so many awesome mix-and-match looks around. Now you can think of shorts as the new skirts or a dress. Speaking of possible styles, then everything depends on your personal choices. You can either choose to look more formal or less preppy and more casual. I love city shorts that can be paired with chic cardigans, kimonos or blazers. They look more urban and easy-to-style. You can try them with crispy white shirt and sexy heels. If you are one of those ladies who wants to try on off-duty look, then go for denim shorts or jean cut-offs. They are extremely versatile, as you can wear them with any shirt or top. Next stop is the leather shorts. They have a kind of posh touch that makes them look special and glamour. You can try them with crop tops, white shirts and blouses. You can even create a totally leather look by adding leather jacket on. Those of you who work in the office might like to try on pleated chino shorts. They are dressy and made of conservative fabric. You can always go sexy by wearing mini shorts or sultry athletic styles that are great for gym and beach runs.
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    I've got something special for you tonight! It's a lucky day to view these amazing plus-size dresses for Valentine's Day. Of course, you can wear these beautiful dresses to any other event, but each one of these frocks looks perfect for wearing to a very special day of February, yes, I am talking about 12th of February. No matter if you do have BF or not, this is a perfect day for celebrations: hanging out with your girls, having a romantic evening with your boyfriend or simply celebrating your singleness. Be sure to try a great dress that will underline your uniqueness. I gathered all my favorite styles in one post. Hope you will enjoy these designs as much as I do. I have rounded up a nice collection of styles that will surely make you look gorgeous. These styles are perfect choices to wear from day to night. The first piece that comes in my mind is the red dress. It's a ladylike piece that underlines your beauty and curves. Before buying any dress, you have to know one thing: find the one that speaks to your style and mood. Next version is black number embroidered with lace. This is an evening piece what will ideally look completed with golden jewelry. Be sure to add mid-heeled shoes. Bodycon styles look great covered with blazer or leather jackets. All those ruched, ruffled numbers are ideal in mid lengths and long sleeves. Anyway, I think you should scroll down and see everything by yourself, right? Plus Size Dresses For Valentine's Day:
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    I thing poncho sweater can easily be worn with any outfit. Yap, this knitwear is extremely versatile. I like styles that are fluid, feminine and perfectly lay with your tops. I think this is one of the sassiest looks you can wear. Go for oversized sweater poncho. Of course, it doesn't need to be very long. That's why you need a balanced look. Keep it slim and pair it with skinny jeans or leggings. If you have balls and don't afraid to look like from Pretty Woman movie, then try on poncho sweater with thigh high boots. It can also be belted. I recommend to choose a versatile design with a round or relaxed neckline. I am pretty sure there will be no problem in creating new fabulous looks with round neck ponchos. Try on poncho that hits your thigh, so you can style it with high boots. You can either go for a turtleneck poncho, or let everyone see your pretty crispy shirt worn under deep V-neck poncho sweater.
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    A Christmas party can be a tricky event, as you should look formal and dressy. Also many things depend on the business environment of your office. No, I am not saying, you better be dressed in a conservative suit, but still, provocative details are not allowed. Anyway, there are ways how to dress to impress! You can try on a shimmeing golden knife pleated maxi skirt and pair it with agolden matte sweater and embellished pointy-toe pumps, or try on a patterned blazer and team it with a black pencil skirt. Make a statement with a blue shiny long-sleeve frock by wearing it with pale yellow peep-toe pumps. If you want to stand out, then you should give a try to a sleevless structured bronze color dress. If you still have no idea, then go for red pencil dress and complete it with red shoes and matching color clutch it's a safe choice! If you are not a fan of red color, try on a tested LBD! I personally recommend to choose your cocktail dress in black, red, jewel tone or classic gold or silver. Be sure to cover it with a glity sequined bolero or shrug. Anyway, I have interesting Polyvore sets for Christmas party, hope these looks will inspire you:
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    If you want to look like a hippie girl, I advice to try something relaxed and comfortable. Don't go for worn out jeans, it's not for school. You should be very at ease and confident. Try easy, breezy clothes that are appropriate for school hours. The most easiest outfit that looks hippie like is the one that features a graphic tee and blue flared jeans. You can try nice tunics, loose fitting shirts, patterned vests, maxi skirts and slouchy sweaters. There are lots of different clothing designs and colors you can try this year. The main goal of your outfit is comfort and laid-back look. You can be creative by wearing earth tones, bold shirts and statement jewelry. Choose natural, light and flowy fabrics. Think of bright white peasant blouses with wide sleeves, patterned slacks, fringed suede shoulder bags, suede ankle boots, front buttone skirts, drop shoulder blouses, classic or flared jeans, long cardigans, fringed bucket bags, wide brim hats, rounded sunglasses, leather jackets, kimonos, handmade clothes and vibrant accessories. Below are shown interesting Polyvore sets you can try to school next week! Hope you will like it the same as me:
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    This combo is great for fall months, especially for layering your Summer favorite dresses. All you need is to layer slim-fitting cropped sweater over your favorite short summer dress and add a pair of textured tights to make your dress appropriate for cold season months. I personally, like wearing a solid sweater over a crisp shirt-dress completed with black tights tucked in black ankle-boots. I want to bring to your attention my favorite street style ideas how to wear cropped sweater over dress. You can go for a white mini dress and cover it with black-white sweater, or try on a boho inspired white peasant dress under ribbed knit loose-fit sweater. I like to see ladies who pair bodycon printed dresses with bright color cropped sweaters. Or you can try grungy inspired looks, by teaming black maxi dresses with slouchy striped short sweaters. Anyway, take a close up look and may be you will find something interesting!
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    Kate knows how to look 100% gorgeous and kingly chic. I am in love with her coat dress look as well. I've got some pics that drive me crazy!!! Navy tailored coat-dress with golden buttons is simply terrific! I noticed, she likes ¾ sleeve styles with pleated and layered skirt, defined waist and metallic finish.
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    Yep, and it's my favorite one for a moment! A green dress by Kenzo is terrific!
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    I think there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of flat sandals! You can walk miles in these shoes and they still be comfortable. Sure, you need a pair of functional and comfy shoes. I've got a little collection of possible sandals designs to share with you: slides with espadrille soles flat sandals with back strap for more support Ancient Greek flat Sandals Strappy flat sandals Birkenstocks I don't think you should sacrifice comfort, that's why I recommend to wear flat sandals during your trip.
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    I think every hipster girl has her own style. That's why it's quite hard to identify most popular shoes worn by this subculture. Once you can surely say what shoes are popular among hipsters, then it's no wonder this footwear will be out of style in hipsters fashion. For instance, I remember Converse shoes were popular in hipsters wardrobe, until that day when everyone started to copy this look. If you want to look like a hipster and wear hipster shoes, I recommend to study street style images and choose yourself comfortable footwear.
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    I think block heels will never disappear from fashion world. They can be found everywhere in every style. There are great designs in ankle-boots look, sandals, slides, pumps, pointed toes, etc. A woman who is wearing block heeled shoes looks confident, trendy and unique. The appearance is simply breathtaking. Yes, these shoes are very easy to style and can be worn with anything you have in your closet. It's no wonder why they ideally replace stilettos.
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    Jack by BB Dakota “R.I.P. Summer” fall-winter 2016-2017 collection photography Ali Mitton models Sophie Koella styling Conor Graham hair & mu Ashlee Rose
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    wow. Suits look really fine! A retro inspired touch makes them look terrific
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    If you want to wear closed toe shoes with your maxi dress, then the only footwear that comes in my mind is pumps. You are free to choose whatever color, heel height and style you want. Here are some of my favorite close toe shoes to wear with maxi gowns:
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    @TeddyLover you can wear all kinds of shoes with jeans. All depends on your jeans styles. The most popular jeans are skinnies, slim, flared, boyfriends, bootcut and mom jeans. Of course, every style comes with different details and embellishments. You need to choose the ones that look and feel great on you. Personally, I like to wear skinnies. They can look great with ankle boots, sandals, all kinds of boots, pumps, heels, sneakers and even with UGGS. I've got a cool Polyvore sets collection for you to get inspired by, hope you like it.
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    Hi @annawinter ! If you are plus size lady and you want this year to rock leggings, you should know some great tops you can team these bottoms so you look cool and ladylike! For instance, leggings can be worn with chambray shirts, draped coats, peplum tops, fitted pullovers, sweaters, elongated tunics, etc. I've got a stunning Polyvore sets collection to get inspired by.Here it is:
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    if you are about to wear strapless wedding gown, you need appropriate support for your chest. Go for padded cups for extra support without having to wear a bra. Or you will need to wear a strapless bra that fits well underneath the neckline. or you can go for bustier or corset underneath. if you are wearing a backless gown, then you better ask your seamstress to sew in cups for you. if you wear plunging neckline gown, then you should have a low cut bras. if you wear halter or one shoulder wedding dress, then you need a strapless of convertible bra. Hope this info helps!
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    My favorite movie is Great Gatsby. I know it's not fashion industry movie, but I like it for retro outfits. Catherine Martin was responsible for costumes and set design of this movie. I really love the 1920's style and all kinds of party dresses! Here are my favortie movie screen shots:
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    I like loafers, all kinds of espadrilles, trainers, heeled sandals, caged pumps, etc. Here are some of my favorites...
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    My favorite movie is Saint Laurent. I am so in love with Gaspard Ulliel!
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