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    You can never have too many boho style outfits. Bo and Luca did a great job! As you can see they offer lightweight clothes, including sweet white maxi gowns, short frocks with open backs, etc. Everything is white colored and ready to wear.
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    There are lots of awesome ways how to make a sweater look awesome worn over a collared button down shirt. Sure, the best style of sweater is the one with a V-neck. I love to see women who appear in deep V-necks showing more than two buttons of shirt. The collar of shirt can be kept outside or inside of your sweater. The shirt has to be ironed, make sure the collar is ideally ironed. The cuffs can be unbuttoned to keep things a bit relaxed. The bottom of shirt should never be peeked out through the hem of sweater. If you make this combo for a first time in your life, then you better hang around for some minutes to make sure everything sits well on you and you feel comfortable.
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    Hi everyone! I have an issue. I can't wear sweater over my collared shirt!!! I've tried many times to layer it, but can't get the look down, the sweater doesn't lay smoothly and it bunches up in a weird look and I feel uncomfortable. What is wrong with me? Am I using the wrong layers, shirt? sweater? Please tell me, how to wear a sweater over a collared shirt? Thanks!
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    You can try on heavy leather boots or keep things fun and cheap with a pair of gum boots. I love to wear bright color wellies during rainy days, it feels so cool and youthful!
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    I recommend to wear silken or sheer shirts under sweater, because the structured button-downs will compete with sweater's structure and get lumps and make you look bigger, go for slim shirt and tuck it inside your bottoms. Choose thicker and a bit relaxed sweater. A clean cut look will make you look preppy and smart. I think V sweaters work ideal for layering, but crew-necks are also okay, just avoid sweaters with high and tightnecklines. The shirt has to fit tightly, but it should not harm your moves. You might look bulky if you wear shirt over undershirt, that's why wear shirt without anything under. Yes, you better experiment with colors and patterns. Everyone wears white shirts under dark neutral sweaters, but I recommend to try plaid shirts under light color sweaters. choose high contrast colors to look eye-catchy!
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    I know that many women tend to wear tighter fit shirts under loose-fit sweaters. Or you can add a tight tank top over collared shirt so it keeps it from bunching up under sweater. My friend always buys a larger and thicker sweater that is not mad of cheap fabrics, like cable knitted styles. It's very important to make sure no one sees buttons of the shirt underneath, otherwise you gonna look cheap. Your shirt has to be made of a fabric that consists a bit of synthetic, so it lies smoothly underneath. The sweater has to be thick and not see-through. A collared shirt looks great with V-neck sweaters, if the sweater features a tight crew neck, then collar of the shirt might look weird. Sty away from loose-fitted sweaters, as they tend not holding the shirt. Anyway, wearing a cami tank top over button-down under sweater can help! Take a look at some of my favorite street style images of ladies wearing this combo:
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    Hmm...rubber shoes are classics. but I think you should try patent leather shoes, they are the same as wellies, but can fit various outfits. I recommend to choose menswear inspired Oxfords. Please NOTE! You should never wear velvet or suede shoes in the rain! Choose patent leather boots and flats, duck boots, 1990's inspired tevas sandals, jellies, or CROCS. I recommend to buy Crocs that do not look like well-known Crocs. Go for stylish ones.
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    I think leather combat boots and wellies are the best. I see lots of ladies wear Doc Martens. Some wear normal shoes and they don't give a shit about rain, so you can go for Converse, ballet flats, but I am pretty sure your feet will get wet. If it's summer, you can go for flip-flops. I hear lots of women say that wellies look a bit of a knob, but I think they are okay. I will prove it, as I've got plenty of cool street style images of ladies who appear in cool wellies. In different colors, prints and heights. Everything depends on the way how to style them. If you style them wrong, you can look like you are going to a festival or you are a farmer. When the rain is a heavy one, better opt for wellies, trust me!
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    Jack by BB Dakota “R.I.P. Summer” fall-winter 2016-2017 collection photography Ali Mitton models Sophie Koella styling Conor Graham hair & mu Ashlee Rose
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    Looks like grunge fashion is back with vengeance! Love every single look from this Autumn 2016 collection! Fur vest looks cool, denim shorts with lace-up V-neck white blouse looks fine, and the plaid shirtdress is awesome!
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