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  2. You'd be hard-pressed to find an industry more driven by trends than the apparel market. Every year something new is in and something old is out, and it's up to brands to predict these trends accurately and swiftly, or they could miss out on capitalizing on the latest and greatest. Keeping up with fashion trends can be challenging for brands and manufacturers for a variety of reasons, the most evident being the rate at which these trends come and go. The thing is, understanding what your customers are looking for months in advance will allow you time to produce a line and get it on shelves fast. Here are a few tips to help you stay ahead of the curve and design and deliver products that stay on top of trends. Leverage Data Analytics If you want to stay on top of the trends, you need to have a pulse on what your target customers are looking for and what they want to purchase in the coming months. To do this, your data analytics system should cover multiple channels and be highly targeted. You should know or identify exactly who you're designing products for and then you can start looking at what this segment is most interested in. While in the past learning this information was challenging, the digital age makes it simple as long as you’re plugged in and paying attention. Utilize data from your social media channels to see what your target audience is talking about, what they’re wearing, and what they’re searching for from the clothing industry as a whole. Be Agile While knowing what your customers want and predicting the next trend is important, if you aren’t able to produce your goods quickly, you could miss the boat. Working with domestic US clothing manufacturers with short lead times and quick manufacturing processes will help you get your products out there just in time to capitalize on the trend. Make Your Brand an Experience Understanding the current market and producing garments is only part of the equation. Even with the best products you still need to compel your target customers to purchase from you and not a competitor. To do this, you need a strong brand that highlights the consumer experience. Your e-commerce platform should be optimized for shoppers with an integrated social media and marketing strategy that drives visits to your online store. People should care about your brand and connect with it either online, in-store, or both. Whether you have an existing brand or are just starting up, investing in your brand and marketing channels can be just as important as the products themselves. Work with a Full-Service Clothing Manufacturer It’s possible to create a trendy short-run product line while working with separate manufacturing partners and handling the marketing and digital integration with another firm or on your own. But, working with full-service clothing manufacturers like Indie Source makes the entire process seamless and saves you time, headaches, and costs. Instead of having to find and negotiate with suppliers, designers, and manufacturers individually, you can go to one place and work with experts in the fashion industry from start to finish. About Indie Source Indie Source is among the top clothing manufacturers in the USA as they offer full-service clothing manufacturing to help you go from idea to finished product. They work with a variety of people and brands from individuals with an idea who are new to the fashion industry to established brands. Either way, you'll receive their full attention as you create your product line together. From development to manufacturing through the marketing phase, you can count on Indie Source to help guide you on the best path forward. The company is based in the fashion district of downtown LA and has an experienced team of designers, domestic manufacturing partners, and in-house fashion marketing experts to help you bring your vision to life. Learn more about Indie Source’s innovative approach to domestic manufacturing at
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  4. Harsha Reddy

    Please advice me cute casual outfits for summer

    Hi Friends, Now get all your fashion Advices,Tips,Updates,Seasonal Fashion tips, Celebrity fashion and many more at La Mode | Fashion,Beauty Tips | Fashion trends | Indian Designers
  5. karthikvarma

    what should i wear to a wedding?

    The great Indian wedding cannot be complete without the perfect salwar kameez online that the new would-be bride wears on the wedding day. The wedding salwar kameez hold a very important place in the entire Indian wedding ceremony because a lot of emotions and sentiments are attached with this special attire. Special care and emphasis are given to the color, material and design of the wedding saree as it is considered a symbol of auspiciousness. Online portals understand the spirit of the Indian wedding and therefore, it has designed its exclusive salwar kameez collection for the modern women keeping the traditions and customs in mind. Each and every designer salwar kameez reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and modernism. The attractive color combinations and appealing embroideries and embellishments perfectly complement the blooming beauty of the new bride and enhance her charm and charisma to make her the center of attraction at her event.
  6. karthikvarma

    What jewelry to wear with a one shoulder bridesmaid dress?

    Indian ethnic wears such as saree, lehenga choli, and salwar suit are incomplete without the right jewelry. A piece of gorgeous and glittering Indian jewelry can bring about a radical transformation in the entire appearance of the wearer and change the look of even a simple and regular attire. Now you can purchase your Indian traditional attires and Indian jewelry online at online portals. Most of them have come up with its very own exclusive jewelry section where each and every earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets and ring are designed keeping in mind the tone of the ethnic dresses. The semi-precious stones, pearls, and metals used to design Indian jewelry online make them unique and matchless in their own way. I think chokers work well for a one shoulder bridesmaid dress, stone encrusted chokers, if you do not like neck pieces you can go for shoulder duster earrings.
  7. A pop-up shop is essentially a short-term retail location where brands and businesses sell a (sometimes exclusive) run of products typically for as long as a week or as short as a day. In recent years, major fashion brands, artists, and others have used pop-up shops to drive attention and sales for their brand with great success.With that in mind, if you're a smaller clothing brand or are just starting your line, are there benefits to launching your own pop-up shop? The answer: absolutely. Here are a few reasons why emerging and established clothing brands alike should consider it.Reach New CustomersPop-up shops are a fantastic tool for generating buzz and getting people talking about your brand. There are tons of websites and blogs online dedicated to finding pop-ups in major cities, and if you market your pop-up well, you can get the attention of bloggers, journalists, and spark a social media wildfire. This can't happen on its own, so make sure you're working with the best full-service clothing manufacturers that will help create digital assets for your brand and provide you with advice for marketing your brand and pop-up shop.Create Excitement Around Your BrandPeople love flash sales and limited-time offers. It creates a "fear of missing out" type of urgency, and when the rules of supply and demand come into play, consumers will take action. As it’s only open for a short while, a pop-up shop can drive excitement toward your brand as it creates a short shopping event—driving customers to make a purchase before the shop closes. With the right marketing behind the pop-up to raise awareness beforehand, you could potentially see a line around the block of eager fashion fans ready to buy up everything you have in stock.Limited Financial RiskA part of the appeal of opening a pop-up shop is the limited financial risk. Because it’s temporary, you can avoid paying for a long-term lease in an expensive area and can instead rent a space for a day to a week in well-known shopping districts with tons of foot traffic. Additionally, if you aren’t quite ready to invest in a large order of merchandise, you can test the market by working with US clothing manufacturers to produce a smaller order of your merch to test the demand. If it’s a success, you can scale your line.If you find that consumers aren’t responding well, then you can go back to the drawing board or modify your product with money still in your pockets for the next test. Ensure you’re working with a full-service apparel manufacturer and fashion consultancy so they can offer support for your brand every step of the way. Having design, manufacturing, and marketing handled by one experienced full package manufacturer will also save time if you ever need to reassess your product.Create a One-Two Online-Retail PunchMany clothing consumers like to try on the product prior to purchase or before ordering it online. People often want to touch the material and experience the product firsthand to make sure that it meets their standards and fits well. Even so, selling online offers convenience for the retailer and consumer.So to compete, consider opening a pop-up shop as well as selling items online. This lets you to sell your products on the web to a wide market while also allowing you to engage with customers offline for the perfect one-two punch. Even if potential customers don’t make a purchase at the pop-up shop, with a memorable experience and quality products, you can point them to your online shop where they can make a purchase later down the road.About Indie Source Indie Source is one of the top full-service clothing manufacturers in the USA as well as a fashion consultancy for new and established brands. Whether you have experience in the fashion world or have an idea to create your own label but are unsure how to start, they’re here to help. Indie Source has a dedicated team to help you develop your brand, manufacturing partners to produce high-quality products, and a marketing team that will help you create a strategy to promote your new line. Based in the Los Angeles fashion district, you can trust their experience and in-house team to bring your vision to life.To learn more about Indie Source, visit Indiesource.comOriginal Source:
  8. karthikvarma

    is it rude to wear red to a wedding?

    Not at all, I think it may be rude to wear black for some people, but to each her own, if you want to wear red, go ahead wear it and have fun while you do so!
  9. karthikvarma

    Acceptable colors to wear to a wedding?

    Hey, Usually most of the people nowadays are using dress code in age wise. I would like to suggest you prefer blue or yellow color as a dress code for males and pink or yellow for females. Wearing the dress code for the wedding is a really good idea, and it creates some enthusiasm in everybody who is also not interested to come to the wedding.
  10. Summer is the season when everyone wants to relax and feel comfortable. So add some clothes to your wardrobe to make it easier. Add floral shorts, denim shorts, Short jumpsuit, and floral top.
  11. ShrutiSane

    Women After 50: Tops and Shirts To Wear

    This is the great collection of dress that anyone can wear of any age. But it will best be suited to the woman over 50.
  12. one piece swimsit look more sexy.
  13. Hi everyone! I want to choose a good straightening brush for my hair. My hair is long and wavy and I don't want to spend all morning on straightening it, so the tool must be effective. Now im deciding to buy one of the models in this post. Do you know some other appropriate tools?
  14. saniaali

    Bridal Gowns Trends 2017

    If you ask me for a wedding dress or a bridal gown, I always prefer online wedding dresses from They have an amazing collection of bridal wear. 
  15. Saraluck9090

    What's your favourite type of shoes?

    I usually wear pumps, sneakers and flat sandals. These sandals are incredibly comfortable I really like them. They come in a whole range of colors and styles and are perfect for working out. They’re perfect for a normal days routine. I bought them online stores like e-bay, amazon and walmart coupons 2018
  16. saniaali

    what should i wear to a fall wedding?

    If you ask me for a wedding dress, I always prefer online wedding dresses from They have an amazing collection of bridal wear.
  17. New Delhi, May 2018: The comprehensive trade show on garmenting and textile manufacturing solutions and technologies, Gartex has joined hands with Denim Manufacturers’ Association (DMA) of India to facilitate a platform for denim fraternity to showcase denim fabrics, various applications possible using Denim Fabrics and as well as showcasing upcoming trends in the Denim Fashion Industry . The show is expected to add value to the entire value-chain of Denim industry encompassing the accessories like zipper and buttons, besides highlighting latest on finishing and washing technologies. It will be a great opportunity to Denim Fabricators, Garment Manufacturers, Apparel Brands, Buying houses, Merchandisers and other industry players to interact with India’s leading Denim Mills to witness the latest range and innovations in the Denim Sector. Companies like Aarvee Denims & Export Ltd., Anubha Industries Private Limited, Bhaskar Industries Pvt. Ltd., Ginni International Ltd., Mahak Creations Pvt. Ltd., Jindal Worldwide Ltd., LNJ Denim (Unit RSWM Ltd.), Ultra Denim Pvt. Ltd., Modern Denim Ltd., Partap Spintex Pvt. Ltd., Vinod Denim Ltd., Mafatlal Industries Ltd., Oswal Denims (Prop. Oswal Woolen Mills Ltd.), Nandan Denim Ltd., Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills Ltd. and many more are showcasing their product range in the Denim Zone. Going forward, the organisers have created an Applications Zone within the periphery of the Denim Zone to highlight rapidly increasing applications of denim fabric. As we all know, the applications of denim as fabric is not limited only to the clothing especially jeans and jacket, but has gone far beyond to include ladies apparel, wedding dresses, bags, rugs, bikers’ helmets, decorative items, home furnishings, shoes, toys, car seat covers, face-masks, phone covers, upholstery, insulations, etc. to bring forth a wholesome idea that where denim can be used. Interestingly, there would be a Trends Zone to display the latest technologies and advancements taking place in the industry and the moves that Denim Industry must make to achieve a sustainable growth. Top Brands like Arvind Mills & Raymond who are also the sponsors of the Zone, have confirmed to present the future forecast on the trends of denim industry under this specific Zone. Most importantly, a Knowledge Forum will be staged on denim sector to exchange ideas on the development front. The forum will focus on sustainability, design inspiration, trends emerging in denim industry, improvement in washing & finishing techniques, apart from other relevant industry topics. Broad exhibit categories at Gartex 2018 include embroidery machines, cutting and sewing machines, fabrics & accessories, needles & threads, laundry & washing equipment, finishing equipment, laser cutting machines, digital textile printing machines, automation and software.
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